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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is most commonly performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery, although in some cases can be a stand alone procedure. Chin augmentation is typically recommended for several specific reasons. Usually, the procedure is recommended in situations where a rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping surgery) is requested to reduce the size of a large nose, but where the nose is actually out of proportion with part of the face. More specifically, the nose in these situations looks large, relative to a small or receded chin or jaw.

Dr. Howard Stupak is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Westport, Connecticut.

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Modern Chin Implants

Unlike chin implants of the past which mostly augmented only the central chin, modern chin implants augment the chin in a gentle blended fashion, tapering smoothly along the jawline. Currently, I prefer the Conform Implant from Implantech, ( The implant is sized for a specific patient. It is placed during surgery into a 2 centimeter incision behind the chin, and placed into a carefully fashioned pocket just inside the covering of the jawbone. It tapers off naturally in both directions, blending smoothly with the jawline.

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